Site Jargonology

Misc. expressive terms used on this website that may or may not have been adopted from elsewhere, and which you may not be familiar with. This jargonology is offered as a public service in the interest of clarifying meaning. This listing will expand from time to time as may be needed.

BOHICA – Acronym: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. No explanation offered.

COPPERHEAD – Seditious, so-called anti-war individual, more interested in scoring political points than in defending the national security interests of the United States. The term was historically first used to describe Union politicians and others who were sympathetic with the Confederacy to the point of unashamedly passing any possible assistance to them. Lincoln dealt with them by rounding them up and throwing them into detention…even some members of Congress! Hmmmmm. Sound like a plan to me!

DONK – Democrat, derived from the party’s mascot Donkey. Subdivisions within this group include such categories as LibDonks, EnviroDonks, etc. with many of these subdivisions overlapping.

F.E.T.E. – Abbrev. for “F-em, the end”. Found at the end of a post where the disgust factor is such that there really, REALLY isn’t anything else to say. (H/T to the Emperor Misha over at the Anti-Idiotariam Rottweiler for this one.)

FOGGY BOTTOM BOYS – State Department. Takes reference from location of State Department building in D.C. which was built in an area previously known as “Foggy Bottom”.

NorK – Abbrev: North Korea, North Korean

Republocrats – Republican RINOs and Donks who get together to do their own thing to the detriment of the public interest…like unbridled pork spending.

SHTF – abbrev. meaning “Excremental matter strikes the rotary air impeller.”

TEOTWAKI – abbrev: The End Of The World As we Know It

VRWC – abbrev: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy:  coined by Hillary as an epithet of infamy, but accepted as a label of pride.

WW-IV – Abbreviation for World War IV, otherwise known as the Global War on Terror (GWOT) or the Long War. WW-III was the Cold War (IMHO), and everybody (presumably) knows about WW-I and WW-II.

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